"Dykhouse bring[s] intensity, spirited characterizations and fresh energy to [her] performances."
-AudioFile Magazine



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Whitney is an actress, voice artist, and audiobook narrator whose career spans nearly two decades. Her diverse voice credits include national industrials for Netflix and Facebook, as well as hundreds of commercial credits locally, nationally, and internationally. She has narrated over 100 audiobooks within the young adult, romance, and fiction genres. She has theatrical, vocal, and linguistic training from Western Michigan University and is fluent in English and Spanish. Complete resume available upon request. Contact her today for help with your next project-she’d love to tell your story! 

Studio Specifications:


  • Sound-treated professional home recording studio

  • Neumann TLM 103 large diameter cardioid condenser microphone

  • Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface



For Every Hidden Thing

“Narrators Whitney Dykhouse and Jake Mate portray Rachel Cartland and Samuel Bold, aspiring paleontologists whose fathers are famous in the field and bitter rivals. Oppel's layered mystery features a strong sense of place and two vibrant young scientists. Dykhouse and Mate bring intensity, spirited characterizations, and fresh energy to their performances. Their pacing keeps the listener's adrenaline high as the story unfolds and makes the young protagonists as engaging as their fathers are unlikable.” —AudioFile Magazine


For I’ll Never Tell

“Three talented narrators team up to bring the dysfunctional MacAllister family to life…Amazingly, through tone, breathing, and speech patterns, the characters are presented consistently by all three narrators. Horsey Mary, charming Margaux, shy Kate, and fireball Liddie are portrayed by Julia Whelan. Selfish Ryan is captured by Timothy Andrés Pabon. The poignant voice of Amanda, the murdered girl, is delivered by Whitney Dykhouse. This psychological suspense is narrated with cohesiveness and charm.” —AudioFile Magazine

For Earth and Sky

"Narrator Whitney Dykhouse provides a realistic voice for Sky. In addition, the voices of the other characters are distinct and full of life." —School Library Journal


"I would happily listen to Dykhouse again sometime." HotListens.com

Audible.com Customer Testimonials
“If you like audiobooks, you’ll like this performance.”
“Compelling narrator, very dynamic voice work.” 
“Whitney Dykhouse is magnificent as a narrator.”
“Whitney Dykhouse is excellent.”
 “The narrator is absolutely phenomenal--she really added to the story.”
 “The narrator was fantastic and made it easy to identify the characters.”
“We’ll be looking for more from both the author and the narrator.”
“I couldn't stop listening! This was absolutely amazing! The voice acting was perfect and smooth.”
“Fantastic job! Best one I've listened to. Amazing!”




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